Who are we

Hello, and welcome to our blog!

My name is Barry, the leader of the pack here at ukimmigrationspecialist.com. We’re a group of volunteers, who write about visas for the UK. As for me personally, after a long career as an Entry Clearance Officer (a posh word for a UK Visa Officer), Entry Clearance Manager, and Entry Clearance Training Officer, I now simply enjoy blogging about UK immigration in my free time. Even though I have retired from immigration work professionally, I just can’t stay away from it!

Initially, we set up this blog for those that wish to come to the UK in so-called “long-term stay categories”, e.g. for work, or to join relatives. Hence also the original name of the blog; “Moving to the UK”. In recent months, however, we have found that the site increasingly attracts visitors that wish to visit, study in, or transit the UK. Since the main purpose of the site is to provide information about UK immigration rules and procedures, we have included information about “short term stay categories” and “transit” as well. After all, immigration is a complex issue and we aim to provide information to all! The blog is now simply called ukimmigrationspecialist.com

We update this blog regularly, so please check back frequently. For now, enjoy reading our blog; I hope you will find some useful information here. An important note, however; the information provided in this blog is purely for informative purposes and its use is entirely at your own risk. Before submitting any visa application, you will need to carefully check the requirements on the official website of the relevant government agency (in this case, the UK Border Agency). For now, enjoy reading our blog and, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask via our Contact page. We aim to respond as soon as possible!

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