UKBA Student Application Forms and Guidance

This page provides a practical overview, per UK student visa category, of the UK visa application form (and, where applicable, Appendices), to be completed; links to relevant UKBA Visa Guidance on how to complete your form, UKBA Supporting Documents Guidance for your student category, and the relevant UK Immigration Rule for that visa category. All the links for your UK student visa category in one quick glance! If you are not sure which student visa to apply for, please read our ‘Overview of different UK student visa categories’ first, as well as the official UKBA guidance.

Please note that, in terms of application forms, in most countries (but not all!), you must apply for your visa online using UKBA’s Visa4UK system. The Visa4UK online application system can be found here. Please do not forget to print out your online application form, and to sign and date it. Even though your application form is submitted online, you will still need to provide a printed, signed and dated copy at the time of your appointment at the visa application centre! In some countries, you must complete the form by hand on a printed application form. To find out whether you need to complete an online form or a handwritten form, you should always check UKBA’s country finder here. The country finder will tell you which type of form to complete (online or handwritten) and what the application procedures are in your country.

An online form automatically generates the correct application form for you after you have completed a few questions concerning your application. You will find that you do not have to choose from any particular application form; you simply answer a few questions about the purpose of your application and the system automatically generates the correct form for you. If you have to complete a handwritten form, you will need to know which form to complete. Using the country finder on the UKBA website will tell you which form to complete. You will find the country finder here.

UKBA’s country finder will advise you where to apply, how to apply, which type of form to submit, how to book an appointment and how you can pay the visa processing fees.

Please note that the UK’s student rules, forms and guidance are subject to continuous change. The information provided in this page is purely for informative purposes and its use is at your own risk. Before applying for any UK visas, please read the UKBA website for correct and up to date information.

Overview of Forms, Guidance and Immigration Rules for UK study visa categories

Visa Category Application Form Guidance to complete form Supporting Documents Guidance PBS Policy Guidance Additional form (Appendix) to be completed Paragraph Immigration Rules
Student Visitor VAF1D Click here Click here Not applicable Not applicable 56K-56M
Child Visitor VAF1D Click here Click here Not applicable Not applicable 46A-46F
Prospective Student VAF3A Click here Click here Not applicable Not applicable 82-87
T4 Child Student VAF9 Click here Click here Click here Click here 245ZZ to 245ZZD
T4 General VAF9 Click here Click here Click here Click here 245ZT to 245ZY
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