Which UKBA office will decide on my application?

Which UKBA office decides on my application?

The days that you could walk into, queue up or make an appointment at, a British Embassy, Consulate or High Commission to submit your visa application, and return to that same office to collect your passport, frequently the same afternoon, have long gone. Since 2007, UKBA operates on a ‘Hub and Spoke’ model overseas. A Hub is a regional centre where decisions are taken, a Spoke is an application centre where applications and Biometrics are taken but where no decisions are made. A Spoke can be a so-called in-house spoke in a British Embassy, Consulate or High Commission and staffed by UKBA staff (but not decision-making staff) or, nowadays more likely, an application centre that is run by one of UKBA’s commercial partners (WorldBridge, VFS Global or Gerry’s). You can compare Spokes with post offices. They accept your application, take your Biometrics, and then forward your documents to the UKBA decision-making Hub in your region. No decisions are made at UKBA Spokes or commercial partner run application centres, and their staff has no influence on the decision.

So where will my application be decided? The table below shows the application centres with their corresponding decision-making hub in the countries where most of our blog visitors are resident. If you are missing yours, please contact us and we will add this to the table.

Abbreviations used: BCG: British Consulate-General, BE: British Embassy, BDHC: British Deputy High Commission, BHC: British High Commission

Country Application Centre Your decision is made in Hub:
One of the application centres in Pakistan, or New Delhi, India BHC Islamabad or BHC New Delhi depending on whether you submitted your application in Pakistan or India
Algiers BE Paris, France
Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth or Sydney BE Manila, Philippines
BE Vienna BE Warsaw, Poland
Chittagong, Dhaka or Sylhet BHC Dhaka
Mobile clinic Brussels BE Paris, France
Edmonton, Ottawa, Toronto or Vancouver BCG New York, United States
BHC Nicosia or Lefkosa UKBA Hub in Croydon, UK
Czech Republic
BE Prague BE Warsaw, Poland
Mobile clinic Copenhagen BE Stockholm, Sweden
Paris – Asnières Sur Seine BE Paris
Berlin, Düsseldorf or Munich UKBA Hub in Croydon, UK
Accra BHC Accra
Hong Kong
Hong Kong BE Manila, Philippines
  Budapest BE Warsaw, Poland
Ahmedabad BDHC Mumbai
Bangalore BDHC Chennai
Chandigarh BHC New Delhi
Chennai BDHC Chennai
Cochin BDHC Chennai
Hyderabad BDHC Chennai
Jalandhar BHC New Delhi
Kolkota BHC New Delhi
Mumbai BDHC Mumbai
New Delhi BHC New Delhi
Pune BHC New Delhi
Dublin UKBA Hub in Croydon, UK
Rome UKBA Hub in Croydon, UK
BHC Kingston BHC Kingston
Osaka or Tokyo BE Manila, Philippines
Amman BE Amman
Korea, Republic of
Seoul Be Manila, Philippines
Kuala Lumpur, Sabah, Sarawak BE Manila, Philippines
BE Mexico BE Bogota, Colombia
BE Chisinau BE Warsaw, Poland
Kathmandu BHC New Delhi, India
New Zealand
Immigration New Zealand (INZ) offices in Auckland, Christchurch or Wellington; BE Manila, Philippines
Abuja BHC Abuja
Lagos – Ikeja Applications are split between BHC Abuja and BDHC Lagos
Lagos-Lekki Applications are split between BHC Abuja and BDHC Lagos
Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore or Mirpur BHC Islamabad
Manila BE Manila
BE Bucharest BE Warsaw, Poland
Saudi Arabia
Al Khobar, Jeddah or Riyadh BE Riyadh
VFS Singapore BE Manila, Philippines
Slovak Republic
BE Vienna, Austria or BE Budapest, Hungary BE Warsaw, Poland
South Africa
Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth or Pretoria BHC Pretoria
Madrid BE Madrid
Sri Lanka
Colombo BDHC Chennai, India
The Netherlands
Mobile clinic Amsterdam UKBA Hub in Croydon, UK
Ankara, Bursa, Gaziantep, Istanbul orIzmir BE Istanbul
Kiyiv BE Warsaw, Poland
United Arab Emirates
Abu Dhabi BE Abu Dhabi
Dubai BE Abu Dhabi
United States of America
Biometric Enrolment Centres via the US Department of Homeland Security BCG New York
Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh city BE Bangkok, Thailand
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