Important update for students at London Metropolitan University (14-10-2012)

UKBA has issued an important update for students that are currently studying at the London Metropolitan University, whose Tier 4 sponsor license was revoked not so long ago. Please read this important update here.

Summary of UKBA’s statement:

If you are a genuine student you can stay on at London Metropolitan University if you wish to do so, until your course or the academic year has ended (whichever is soonest), as long as you meet the Tier 4 requirements and the London Metropolitan University wishes to keep teaching you.

UKBA are writing to all students who are present in the UK and have current leave to study at London Metropolitan University under Tier 4 of the points-based system by 12 October 2012.

You must confirm to UKBA whether you:

  • wish to continue studying at London Metropolitan University;
  • wish to transfer to another sponsor; or
  • intend to end your studies and leave the UK.

UKBA is working with London Metropolitan University to ensure all students are contacted and know that a response is required. You must complete the form sent with the letter that you will receive from UKBA, or download the study intentions form, and email the completed form to UKBA by 31 October 2012.

Please read UKBA’s full statement here.

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