No appointments visa application centre Rome 1-5 October

As part of the UKBA’s ongoing project to centralise the UK visa decision-making process in the United Kingdom, all visa applications submitted in Italy will be forwarded to Croydon for decision w.e.f. 8 October. To prepare for this move, the visa appointments system in Italy will not be available from 1-5 October.

UKBA’s official announcement:

26 September 2012

From 8 October 2012 all UK visa applications submitted in Italy will be sent to the UK Border Agency’s regional processing centre in Croydon, London for assessment and decision.

To make the necessary changes to our IT systems visa appointments will not be available from 1-5 October 2012. We plan to reopen the visa service on the 8 October once the new system has been fully tested, but it is possible there may be a delay to this date. We are committed to minimising disruption to the visa service whilst these operational changes are made.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. Please continue to monitor this website for further news updates.

Processing your visa application

Your visa application, passport and documents will be sent by secure courier to London, where a decision on your application will be made. Once a decision is made, your documents will be securely couriered back to Rome, where you can collect them.

You will not have to pay any additional cost for this service. We aim to process most non-settlement applications within 15 working days of submission at the visa application centre in Rome. This is in line with our published Customer service standards. You will not be required to travel to London.

You will still be able to apply online and book an appointment at our visa application centre in Rome to submit your application form, passport and supporting documents and provide your biometric information.

You are encouraged to continue making your applications well in advance of any planned journey to the UK. You can apply up to 3 months in advance of your proposed date of travel. You should ensure you will not need your passport for travel or any other reason during the visa application process.

These changes are part of a worldwide UK Border Agency programme to provide a more effective and resilient visa service.

Translating your supporting documents

You should remember to submit English translations of all supporting documents. In order to keep costs to a minimum for applicants, certified translations are not required. Translations are checked for accuracy by our staff. If you do not provide English translations your application may be rejected.

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