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Perhaps you have always wanted to move to the United Kingdom. Perhaps you have found a job, studies, or partner here, or perhaps you just wish to visit the country, or need to transit a UK airport en route to your final destination. Whatever your reason may be for coming here, these pages offer visa information for all.

Remember, UK immigration law is complex and subject to continuous change. The information provided here may be out of date, just based on personal experience/knowledge and may not even be correct. The use of these pages is therefore entirely at your own risk. Before applying for any type of visas, you should always seek information from the authorities direct via your local UK embassy and the United Kingdom Border Agency’s official websites. You will find some useful website details on our Links page.

The easiest way to find the information you are looking for is by using our Menu (top of page, underneath our banner) or the Search facility (right hand top corner). Please feel free to ask any questions that you may have via our Contact page. There is no such thing as a silly question, particularly if the subject is as complex as immigration law. We will always reply!

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